Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reactions to an Engaging Investor Pitch Session

The presentations a week ago were all great, but I particularly enjoyed the variety of initiatives that we got to hear about. Having read and reread the nominations over the course of the semester, I was confident that I understood what the social entrepreneurs were trying to do; moreover, I was skeptical about how much extra information and insight could be gleaned from hearing the social entrepreneurs present.

Clearly that skepticism was unfounded. Not only was it beneficial to add a personal element to each nomination, but indeed I think every group learned much more about each nomination, and gained valuable insight into the endeavors. Beyond learning about the initiatives, the entire exercise was beneficial and informative for us as Student Directors of FFF, and gave us a first-hand look at another part of the process.

Though Climate Change and Energy only heard from one of our nominations, it was a great experience for all. I encourage you all to check out Girl Guides USA.

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