Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Come together! Navigating Conference Season

Like many of my colleagues in philanthropy & impact investing, I find myself in the thick of conference/event season, feeling a bit overwhelmed and overextended. To help wrap my head around it, I've put together a quick, subjective round-up of spring conferences in the social innovation & impact investing world ranging from super cool to old school, pretty much all on the "if you could go to 'em all you would" list.
Skoll World Forum, World Economic Forum on Latin America Global Youth Leadership, Clinton Global Initiative University, The Global Engagement Summit, Global Philanthropy Forum, Global Health & Innovation Conference, Social Venture Network, Investor's Circle, Wall Street Green Summit, Slingshot Day, Sustainatopia. And that's just March-April.

What are your top conference/gathering picks? What's missing? What's not happening that you'd like to see? How do you manage conference fatigue/burnout?