Friday, December 31, 2010

Give long and prosper in 2011!

As 2010 comes to a close, I want to thank everyone for the friendship, support and partnerships that have sustained FFF over the past year. On behalf of Fast Forward, I am most grateful for the blessings and lessons gained from our amazing network. I value the integral role each one plays in shaping the future of Fast Forward, enhancing the social impact of our work, and advancing efforts to make this world a better place through innovative philanthropy and strategic giving.

FFF friends have truly touched my life and taught me more than I would've imagined. A heartfelt thank you to all for sharing such generosity, insights, fellowship, and vision.

Wishing all a peaceful, fruitful, & joyful New Year.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Solstice Reflections: 2010 Gratitude invites 2011 Abundance

Winter Solstice. The long, dark night grants an annual opportunity to turn inward, become reflective, introspective. Although this blog's focus and my vision is to Fast Forward social change, I am taking a moment to look back and count my blessings from this past year. Despite whatever challenges we face, whatever hardships we endure, we all, every one of us, have so much to be grateful for. If gratitude is the gateway to abundance, let me unlock the latch and usher in a New Year of abundance by sharing some of what inspired me in 2010.

First and foremost: LOVE. I am most grateful for the many facets of love that graced my life this year. My children, waking up and going to sleep warm and safe in our home, crossing awesome & awkward thresholds of childhood, growing one day older every day. My parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Three angel strangers who stopped alongside a highway at rush hour on a cold March night, staying with me until all the emergency vehicles left, my overturned car was towed away, and the ambulance transported me to the nearest ER where many white-coated professionals confirmed I was miraculously alive and well, without so much as a scratch. My sweet & steadfast mate with whom I've shared nearly two decades of the surprisingly tender, tenuous and fundamental moments that comprise our marriage. Life-long, brand new, and deeply cherished friendships infusing life with joy, trust, intimacy, companionship. Feeling my heart beat. How has love graced your life?

I am grateful for lessons offered by obstacles, stumbling blocks, unflattering mirrors, harsh light, professional setbacks, financial struggle, unexpected turns, turbulent storms, mundane disappointments. These teachers reminded me to embrace values of humility, flexibility, resiliency, detachment, compassion, faith, patience, and renewal of hope. For what life lessons are you most grateful?

I am grateful for giving generously. I've been privileged this year to give, receive, facilitate, and witness tremendous generosity. Now more than ever is truly the giving season. There is so much need and opportunity for our giving to make a difference. Every giving act matters. Give generously! Give sweetly! Give boldly! How can you give generously today?

Reflecting back on 2010, I am preparing myself for 2011 with renewed commitment to gratitude, renewed commitment to receive & share the blessings of love, life lessons, and generous giving.