Thursday, May 14, 2009

FFF Reflection

Often you, or somone you know, has an amazing idea but there is a sense of isolation--especially among young entrepenuers. It is heartening to be able to connect with such a diverse group of people, this was especially evident in the investor pitch sessions.

While I enjoyed the virtual pitch sessions, I think being able to interact face-to-face was really useful. These interactions allowed me to see the passion the entrepenuers had as well as ask some vital questions. For instance, some of the key elements of Girl Guides USA was lost on paper. By speaking with the entrepenuer I was able to understand the depth of the project.

The virtual pitch sessions worked to really convey the global nature of philanthropy. While we could not feel the distance the live investors had travelled it was tangible in the virtual pitch format.
-Rachel F

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  1. I couldn't agree with Rachel more about this. Having the opportunity to attend the investor pitch session was of the utmost importance to me, being able to see the passion and drive in each entrepreneur really helped to put their plans into perspective. While I agree that a virtual pitch session is far better than no pitch session at all, it lacks the personal level which I enjoyed so much during the live pitch session.