Sunday, September 18, 2011

Global Impact Week NYC!!!

It's a big, fast & forward (hopefully) week for Global Impact in NYC: between the Clinton Global Initiative, Social Good Summit, UN General Assembly, my 9-yr-old son's 5th grade back-to-school night, I'm swamped! And my head is swirling with questions, concerns, ideas about all the potential for social change as the world's great thinkers & doers converge on NYC this week. Intending to blog from both CGI & SGS, my first question is really what are the right questions to ask. I'm hopeful that I'll be present, alert, inquisitive, and open enough to engage in fierce conversations and seize (or create) opportunity. If you are not attending these gatherings, nor even in NYC for that matter, send me your questions! If you'll be there, ask me in person! Good luck and much gratitude for all those struggling and working so hard for social impact, always and especially this week! And good luck in 5th grade, James! Along with all the sons and daughters of your generation, you are the reason we are committed to global impact in nyc and around the world.


  1. Does winning a Nobel Peace Prize enhance or hinder the work of a Social Entrepreneur?
    And if the attention of the prize garners "rock star" status for said Social Entrepreneur, what helps keep them true to their mission and honest in their work?

  2. A colleague/student at the New School has worked with the Clinton Foundation.

    Last semester in my Growing A Small Business course, I experienced first hand what it is to work with a social entrepeneur. He was trying to grow his small business --->

    It was refreshing to work with a company that follows it's heart into every venture.

    Question for Social Good Summit?

    Are traditional non-profits on there way out to be replaced with a more sustainable model?