Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fast Forward Core Beliefs

Just re-read my previous post from a year ago reaffirming Fast Forward Fund's core beliefs as we move to complete our 1st phase of start-up and our 3-yr-commitment to Clinton Global Initiative University. Except for the notable absence of snow, virtually everything rings true today.
I stand by Fast Forward's core beliefs:
* Investment activism. We all make a difference with our daily financial choices. Investing is action.
* Leveraged impact. Investing in a collective social fund allows young people to leverage relatively small individual resources into large-scale impact.
* Accelerated change. More inclusive, expansive philanthropic models enable youth to accelerate, or fast forward, their participation as social investors advancing innovative solutions to global challenges.
* Lifelong Giving. Cultivating philanthropic social investment among young adults creates lifelong givers and engaged global citizens.

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